Medical consultation to OPD Patients

“Your Health Our Concern“

Medical consultation Services provided to OPD Patients for common ailments in Allopathy System by an experienced Ex. Govt. Doctor .

Medical Examinations offered for Joining various Services and Sickness / Fitness Certification.

Medical Examinations are done at our centre (diagnostic tests also carried out, if required), In compliance with the norms of various companies, departments and institutions for fresh appointees, promotion cases and sick leave cases.

Medical Examination for Seafarers (DG approved Marine Medical Examinations)

We are approved by Director General Shipping, Mumbai for Medical examination of seafarers (Approval No. DGS/MED/UP-Lucknow/02 vide DG letter No. 7-NT (3)/2014 Dated 28th May 2014.)
Ref. DG approved Doctors list dated 30-01-2015 vide MS notice no. 01 of 2015 on DG Ship website – (www.dgshipping.gov.in).
Pre-sea and Periodic Medical examination of Seafarers done in accordance with STCW 2010 Maritime Labor Convention (MLC) 2006 and IMO/ILO/JMS/2011 for all ranks of candidates and all categories of Merchant Ships (Indian and various flagstates). All the required tests including Drug and alcohol testing are available at our centre.

Color Doppler Ultrasound examination

Ultrasound – “The Third Eye of the Doctor”

In the present diagnostic world, Ultrasonography is the only easiest, non invasive and non hazardous diagnostic tool in the hand of the doctor which provides maximum information about the disease in minimum time & cost.
Color Doppler imaging further adds to the information about the vascular status of the organ and the lesion.

2-D Echo-Cardiography

2 Dimensional Echo-Cardiography is done on an imported color Doppler ultrasound machine by a qualified and experienced Cardiologist. 2 D Echo demonstrates the condition of walls, chambers vessels and valves of the heart.

Assessment of status of blood circulation through various chambers, valves and great vessels is done.
It tells about heart wall motion, elasticity and competency of heart valves and gives numerical data about the force and quantity of ejection of blood through heart.


“Meticulous imaging with world class machine“

According to medical researches, in the modern time the breast cancers are tremendously on rise and lead to loss of so many precious lives at young age. Sonomammography has advantage over X-ray mammography especially for young women, in accurately detecting and differentiating the lesions at an early stage and simultaneously avoiding radiation.

Sono Salpingography

Previously practised Hystero-salpingography by X-rays carried radiation hazard to the fertile ovaries. Now it is replaced by Sono-salpingography which is done by using harmless Ultrasonic waves. It gives clearer details of the female reproductive system assisting in the treatment of sterility.

Digital Radiography

“Clear Image, Low Radiation”

The new horizon in diagnostic radiology which saves time as well as gives much finer and clearer images for accurate diagnosis and saves everyone around from high radiation dose.

  • Plain X-Ray Examinations
  • Intravenous pyelography
  • Barium Meal Studies
  • Retrograde and Micturating Urography
  • Sinogram / Fistulogram
  • Hystero-salpingography

Electro-cardio graphy (ECG)

Electric Impulses are generated and conducted through the muscles of the heart to keep the heart continuously beating and pumping the blood to the body. Recording of this electro-conduction tracings is Electro Cardiography.

ECG gives information about heart rate, rhythm and any abnormality there of.


Audiometry is done to detect the efficiency of each ear to pick up the sound frequencies of audible range.

The test is very important for persons seeking job in forces and ships and other professions like pilots and drivers.

Computerized Pathology

“Accurate Results, Quick Reports”

Our lab is equipped with best quality Serum auto analyzer, Blood Cell Counter, Microscopes and other equipments to give faster and accurate results.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Only laboratory in city which conducts accurate estimation of level of alcohol, various drugs and toxicants in blood. This test is essentially required for joining offshore jobs in merchant ships and also for various other issues of medicolegal importance.