Apparently I have no medical problem, but I want to know my health status. What to do ?

Having apparently no complaints about health but for health awareness, you are recommended “Basic Health Check Up pack” available in our centre. This includes Recording of Height, Weight, BMI, Pulse, Blood Pressure, Temperature, ECG, X-Ray Chest, Ultrasound examination for whole abdomen; complete Haemogram, Blood Grouping, Blood Sugar- Fasting and Post-prandial, Lipid profile, Primary Liver and Kidney function tests.

What is recommended if I am suffering from disease of a particular organ or system ?

There is provision for group of tests for comprehensive investigations related to ailments of a particular organ or body systems in package form. viz. LIVER PROFILE, KIDNEY PROFILE, LIPID PROFILE, ARTHRITIS PROFILE and many more which give accurate status of functioning of related body organ / system.

Is fasting necessary for blood examinations ?

Overnight Fasting state is preferred for blood examinations EXCEPT when Post meals ( PP) Blood Sugar estimation is to be done which is usually done 90 mts. After 75 gm. Of Glucose intake or 2 hours after normal meals as per Physician’s advice.

Is any preparation needed for Ultrasound examination ?

Yes. For upper abdominal sonography 4 hours fasting is desirable. For KUB region and lower abdomen sonography including early pregnancy, no fasting but urinary bladder full with urine is required. No preparation is required for ultrasonography of Pregnancy beyond 3 months.

Is any preparation needed for X-Ray examination ?

For abdominal X-rays (IVP, Barium meal, Barium Enema, KUB, Plain Abdomen) The X-Ray is done in fasting state and bowel should be clear of faeces and gases, which is achieved by giving light evening meals and laxative tablets in the previous night. No preparation is needed for the X-Ray examination of Head, Neck and Limbs.